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Getting a physical reminder of a great accomplishment is a self esteem booster for any child. It can be even more effective if you create an award ribbon display. This allows you to show all of your child's accomplishments. There are many different ways to go about presenting the awards for others to see. Your child may want to place them in his room or in the living area of the home so that more people can see them.

Creating a collage of your child's award ribbons offers a unique way to display their accomplishments. If you have a variety of colors available, be sure to mix them up for a vibrant award ribbon display. You can use a regular poster board as the backing of your collage. Simply glue or tape the awards to the poster in the way you want them. Be sure that you have enough awards to cover the entire poster to make it look as good as possible. You can always cut the poster board so that you do not have a lot of extra showing from under the ribbons.

If the ribbon happens to come with a certificate or diploma, you can display both of them together in a photo frame. This is a very formal, sophisticated method for showing off your child's achievements. Having the piece of paper shown with the award ribbon will allow onlookers to know exactly why the award was presented to your child. Placing the items in a frame will remove them from harmful elements in the air such as pollen and dust. The frame will allow award ribbons to be presented without them being damaged over time.

An award ribbon display that will allow you to easily move your child's rewards around is a corkboard. You can easily reposition the awards any time you want. This is ideal if your child is acquiring new ribbons often. Use a push pin or thumb tack to display your ribbons on the board. Push the pin through the loop at the top of the ribbon to avoid damaging the award itself. With this type of display, you can also show off photographs of your child with his ribbons, or pictures that show what he did to get the award.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to create an award ribbon display. The method you choose should be decided on between you and your child. He may want to have it so that he can move the awards around in order to put this favorite at the top. On the other hand, your child may want to be sure that his award ribbons are well protected to last a long time. No matter the display, what is important is that you show your pride by showing off the awards in your home.
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Award Ribbon Display

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This article was published on 2011/01/24