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An award is given to a individual, foundation or a group of people to honor the assistance made by them in a fastidious field. An award could be in the form of money, a trophy, certificate, medal, badge, title or plaque. The status of the awarder, be it an personality, government or an organization, and for which reason it is being given are some of the deciding factors for the popularity of the award. Some of the popular awards across the world are Nobel Prize, Oscars, Pulitzer Prize, Booker Prize and Magsaysay awards.


Some of the awards are so accepted that they develop into the identity of their recipient like those who have won Nobel Prize are known as Nobel laureates. Nobel Laureate is added before their name to signify their involvement and status in the society. Awards are given in many fields be it literature, social service, science or entertainment. Some of the eminent entertainment awards are Oscars, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, MTV Music Awards, Country Music Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Oscars or Academy Awards: Institute by the Academy of movement Picture Arts and Sciences in 1929, the Academy Awards or Oscars, as it is generally recognized as, honor the assistance made by professional in the film industry in the United States like directors, actors and writers. The Academy award is one of the oldest, most important and most scheduled film award ceremony the world over.


Oscar statuette, measuring 34 cm in length and weighing 3.85 kg, is made of gold-plated Britannia and shows a knight investment a sword and standing on a film reel with five spokes. The Academy has around 6,000 voting members, of which actors represent the largest group, who elect the winners.


These voting members represent 15 disciplines in motion pictures. The members can nominate only in their respective disciplines though they can submit nominees for the Best Picture. In the second round, all the members have to cast their vote in all categories. The nominee getting the most votes is declared the winner. The selection method is tabulated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, an auditing firm.

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Country Music Awards | Emmy Awards History | Golden Globe Awards.

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