Why is crystal so popular at golf presentations.

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Golf awards have changed over the past decade. More and more golf clubs seem only to be interested in ordering crystal and high quality glass awards. When I first strted out in the business, I sold mostly tankards and shields to golf organisations. Captains days would often result in small shields given out to participants. Why has this change taken place? What has made golf clubs decide to use crystal and glass, instead of the more traditional metal cups, shields and resin trophies?

One reason as to why crystal is now preferred, surprisingly, is cost. With many companies now manufacturing crystal products in China, the price for these products has dropped a lot. K9 crystal, the highest quality crystal, is now more competitive than many tankards, shields and other trophy products. Metal gets more expensive each year. The crystal awards are also supplied in presentation boxes, which adds to the value for money, and also the impressive appearance at awards presentations. Thanks to the Chinese maufacturing phenomena, it is actually better value for money for golf clubs to actually buy in the crystal, and high quality glass products.

Something many golf clubs have told me, is that crystal looks so impressive, when ilaid out ready for presentations. The light really gets caught beautifully. Having seen the pictures of various tables, laden with crystal awards, it is easy to see how impressive an end of season tournament can be, after the awards have been seen by the recipients.

I have always told my clients that weight is very important  when choosing awards. Height is good, but a nicely weighted award will always come accross as more impressive, as it portrays higher quality. With crystal the weight is very good. Recipients are surprised, so I am told, by how weighty their awards are. Because more clubs are ordering crystal now, the heights and sizes all round, of crystal awardsw, are getting bigger. This has meant that golf clubs can buy awards that are not only beautiful to look at, and nicely weighted, but also well withing budget, and boxed nicely to add extra style and impact.

It is hard to offer golf clubs anything else now. Crystal has become the favoured awards material for the golf industry, well the clubs that I have dealt with anyway. There is still a small amount of pewter sold, and cups and claret jugs are always in demand for certain tournaments, but crystal seems to be the favourite for the larger presentations. With the cost being so low, and value so high, it is easy to see why this is the case.

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Why is crystal so popular at golf presentations.

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Why is crystal so popular at golf presentations.

This article was published on 2012/06/28